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Studies for the carrying out the cleaning up of high-level activity laboratories (multi-spectrum) and decommissioning of the building:

  • Buildings expertise and total dismantling of the ventilation system
  • Final radiological controls for decommissioning
  • MO for Demolition for 150 m3 of walls and ceilings
  • Calculations and civil engineering notes for partial
  • demolition
  • MO Depositing travelling/overhead cranes and their crane tracks in a controlled area
  • Decontaminating 1500 m² of floors, walls, gutters
  • Demolition of 2 tanks of industrial waste
  • Depositing 800 m of pipework and various networks

CEA PIERRELATTE : dismantling asbestos-contaminated shelters in ZC

Studies for the carrying out to:

  • Conditioning of 100 asbestos-contaminated packets
  • Removal of asbestos
  • Radiation monitoring for decommissionning
  • Dismantling shelters

CEA Grenoble: watertight cutting up for STEL Grenoble

Studies and conception for:

  • On-site watertight cutting up of the ductile cast-iron distribution system - 1.8 km
  • Handling and storage of segments

CEA Cadarache: Removal of source term from networks containing soda

Study and preparation of interventions according to ALARA process :

  • Implementing biological protection
  • Watertight dismantling of sodium networks
  • Removal of friable and non-friable asbestos